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Email to Granada Mosque, Spain

Datewise, the following letter was sent by me on the 6th February, 2007 to the leaders of the newly opened Granada Mosque, in Spain. I trust that the readers of my blog will be interested in the challenge it posed for a thoughtful, religious response. However, as yet I have not had any response. Anyway, here it is:

Dear all at Granada Mosque (email, 6th February, 2007, re

I was led to your site by reading Aisha Bewley's home page, and her vivid account of her travels etc. I would be pleased if you could pass on this email to her, as well as considering it yourselves. Having visited Spain in 2000, I am and was aware of Islamic history in that area, and of the advances of philosophy, architecture, science and medicine during this rather enlightened period, and am interested in researching this topic, especially attitudes then and now. 

I am encouraged to read that "the highest aspect of jihad is to speak the truth in the face of tyranny", but am also aware that forgiveness and generosity must be nurtured from the home outward for the love of truth to thrive and grow in community. This is why I have now written to you, and others of many religious colours and persuasions, and invite you to take a look at my wound-wisdom website to highlight the issue: There is no hate in Love. 

The website is free to all who seek, and I invite you and others to let me know if anything I have said is not true. It sprang from my concerns about a "growing up issue" described in the "Challenge to Servant-Leaders" section of the site, following my creation of the "Peace and Harmony" artwork, and the insights I had gained from it: that all of us are both male and female inside 

The "outside" is merely the wrapping which hides the complexity inside; for we are all uniquely created. If this is the case, male = female, just as black is white, and the end is a new beginning.... And we must honour the inside, as well as the outside. No judgment by an outsider is required. Parents are for nurture, pure and simple, not for whipping and stoning. 

Just how religious leaders (who were created to serve the people, not just to puff themselves up) have responded is noted. Unfortunately, their response has not always been to their credit, and reveals the truth that loving adults are raised in loving homes. Anything less fails a parent’s duty of care, and damage is done. Anything less than love is not holy. 

My wound-wisdom site contains a summary of the 3000 year old wisdom of Solomon (Ecclesiastes Encapsulated).  

Wisdom is exulted in the book of Proverbs, is ignored at our peril, and should be the quest common to all, religious or not. Unfortunately, this wisdom is seldom dusted off, and we have to wonder: "Why ?" Surely, this wisdom is the reason that the Jews were known as the "people of the book". And this "life lessons book of life" has sprung from the "tree of life". 

I am pleased to be able to tell you that my "Peace and Harmony" artwork was created under the mantle of my own "Tree of Life" photographed in Vietnam in 1969, which had entered my heart and stayed with me. Out of conflict, there came Peace. After it was completed, and after considerable contemplation, thrilled with the work, and giving thanks to God for its creation, I realized that my "picture puzzle" contains the ingredients essential for peace and harmony - within and without, and named it so. 

The events which occurred soon after which catapulted me into contacting religious leaders world-wide were unexpected, but so filled me with rage (passion) as a parent that I have devoted myself to this issue since. I realize also that this issue is at the heart of world sanity and peace. We are at a critical junction. Men and women must work and love together. All must now pull together if we value human life, and the life our Creator God has given this planet Earth. Hate now will catapult us ALL into nuclear oblivion. This is why loving and living love is so important. Hate melts in the arms of Love. So what are we waiting for ? Love appeals to reason, and to respect. If we respect ourselves, we will respect others. Love gives, but is not restricted to a formula. It also receives, and everyone gains. 

So my dear friends at the Granada Mosque, I trust if you have read this far that you will give love a chance, and even if I am a stranger, and strange to you, you will journey with me through wound-wisdom to its fruition, Peace and Harmony for all. And in kindness, respond, even if you have some criticisms. I will give each thought, and perhaps modify my approach. I look forward to dialogue, but don't want to get bogged down with dogma. You will notice that I have taken quotations from the Koran and other holy books from different faiths, and from many other sources. All of these speak with one voice: the truth of the Golden Rule is honoured, and that is how we all want it to be.... 

Yours faithfully, and May all of Life's Blessings be Yours: Peace to You (as well)  


Donald Chalmers, a piper too, at (The Intricate Weaving of Something Beautiful)....

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